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Dr Stephen Bentley 简介:

International Dean, College of Physical Sciences & Engineering,

Cardiff University

 Dean Bentley is an Engineering Geologist.

He graduated from Nottingham University with honours having won the Williamson Prize and a University Exhibition for being the top first class student in his year. At Leeds University he undertook a sponsored MSc in Engineering Geology and Geotechnics and then moved to the Civil Engineering Department for doctoral research. His PhD thesis concerned the relationship between geochemistry and geotechnical behaviour of clay; the thesis was completed in less than 2 years and resulted in 5 journal papers.

Highlights of his research work include the textbook 'Correlation of Soil Properties' which has been adopted by many consultancy firms as a standard reference book. Another textbook, ‘Soil Properties & their Correlation’, is nearing completion and will be published by John Wiley later this year.

Also, the visualisation software, 'STRATA', which was used in the design of the foundations for the 5.1 km bridge over the Severn Estuary in SW England. The ‘STRATA’ software was successfully commercialised and was sold into over 100 companies in 12 countries worldwide.

Dr Bentley has a wide range of research interests, including: ‘Most Aspects of Engineering Geology’, ‘Geo-hazard and their Prediction’ and ‘Geochemistry and Engineering Properties of Soils’.

He has been retained as a consultant by many companies including the Department of the Environment (UK) and to the Departments of Public Works in Brunei and Saudi Arabia.

He has 100 publications, over 40 of which are journal papers.

Dr Bentley has been involved in the establishment of the engineering training company, Engineering Practice Ltd, the engineering consultancy, Earth Science Partnership (, the software and utility support company, MBA Group Ltd (, and the not for profit recylcing company and fore-runner to WRAP Wales (, the Wales Environment Trust.

He is currently the International Dean for the College of Physical Sciences and Engineering.



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